Monday, April 6, 2009

MONDAY!! nuff said.... to all those with a bad case of the mundays, this drink is for YOU! {hiccup}
It was supposed to be Opening Day for our beloved Red Sox but the weather had other plans, so if you had opening day tickets {Blame it on the Rain}. I just hope that this is the only rain that falls on the Sox this season, theres alot of question marks with this team, like will Mike Lowell make a full recovery? will Big Papi be back to being Big Papi!, after an injury plagued last season? Can JD Drew go injury free for a full season, will Caballito (Dustin Pedroia) continue to play out of his mind?? Is this pitching staff as deadly as it looks on paper? Questions? Questions? Questions? Well the one thing I'm sure of is we won't know until we get under way! SO LET GO RED SOX LETS GO!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My first attempt at blogging.... so I'm inviting people to come along and blog with me, I wont concentrate on any one topic, so comment on anything you want. Those who know me know I have an opinion on just about everything, some views you will agree with and some you won't, but the idea is to throw stuff out there and provoke some original thought. So sit back have a couple and share some ideas!!